About Us

About Tecana

The mission of Tecana is to provide software and services to municipalities and counties to reduce the costs to deliver quality services to their constituents. 

Our flagship product is an electronic voucher system for management of indigent defense programs.  The software allows counties to replace their paper-based voucher systems with an electronic voucher system that enables attorneys to directly enter hours into the system, enables the online review and approval of hours by Program Administrators and Judges, enables the consistent enforcement of rules for payment, and provides a clear audit trail of all cases and payments with a flexible reporting system. 

Meet the Team


Brian Cavanagh

Chief Executive Officer

Brian leads our efforts to deploy the Electronic Voucher system in counties across New York State.  Brian manages all software development, training, implementation and support activities for counties interested in the program. 

Brian has a 20-year history as a software industry consultant, involving the management of software development and large-scale system integration projects for clients in the Financial Services, Automotive and Health Care industries.   

Brian also serves as COO for Infinize Inc.  Infinize provides technology leadership through our flagship Strategic Roadmap product and has an established history of helping clients enhance their vision, embrace disruptive technology, and protect their information assets. 


Scott Ruston

Chief Operating Officer

Scott is the software architect for Tecana and provides technical and operational leadership for the organization.  

As a career Software Architect, Scott has played a key role in many software development projects over the years. Scott has led dozens of successful software development projects, creating greater efficiency for his clients. Process management and workflow management are his specialties. Scott has developed enterprise-scale applications as well as customizations to existing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems and B2B (Business to Business) integrations. 


Bill Abrams

Chief Security Officer

Bill serves as Chief Security Officer for Tecana.

Bill is an experienced entrepreneur and advisor who has successfully created, managed, and advised businesses of all sizes and types from small firms with four employees to Fortune 500 companies. Bill’s unique and diverse life experiences have embodied multi-million-dollar real estate and property developments, innovative software development, technology companies, bio-chemistry breakthroughs, and world championship offshore racing. By providing concise and efficient guidance, Bill has a history of helping C-Level Executives enhance their company’s strategic vision and corporate stewardship while reducing internal risk and leveraging innovation.

Tecana Reduces Costs and Improves Program Oversight for Assigned Counsel and Conflict Defender Programs.

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