The Benefits of Using Tecana

Tecana is an industry leading Assigned Counsel and Conflict Defender program. Below you can read some of the benefits and features of Tecana.

Program Oversight

The system provides the ability to consistently enforce rules and reduce anomalies. Program Administrators can focus their time on auditing the system instead of processing paper. Clerical work is replaced by knowledge work.

Program Costs

Counties using this Assigned Counsel system have among the lowest cost per case metrics in New York State. Costs are reduced by a combination of improved oversight and reduced administrative burden.


to Use

Attorneys are able to directly enter hours into the system with online review by program administrators and judges. Attorneys like the system because it takes them less time to prepare vouchers and they are able to get reimbursed more quickly.



A flexible reporting engine makes it easy for Program Administrators to understand system activity, audit the system, and satisfy state requirements for information.

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Tecana Reduces Costs and Improves Program Oversight for Assigned Counsel and Conflict Defender Programs.

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